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As far as walking to be disclosed to Australian ABC is being shown as a vehicle of the coup of 2006 in East Timor. ABC, with the Four Corners program is now shown as an agent ally Xanana Gusmao as if it were a novelty, it is not.

Give the laps you want about the subject and place, to search in several internet sites that will soon find these revelations and the condiments for the coup was the responsibility of a journalistic work but apparently it had to do with the secret order Australia in line with the CIA. Agents on the ground were enough, as the operating Railos and Alfredo Reinado(1), among others, but we must never forget the overriding mission of "ambassador" Kirsty Sword Gusmao statements in a script of that plot was hurrying to be provided to Australian media outlets, and, with her husband, Xanana Gusmao, then President of TL, incendiary rallies essential to put East Timor with fire and sword. The result was in sight with dozens of East Timorese killed, also a Brazilian killed, seriously injured other foreigners, injured hundreds of East Timorese with greater or lesser degree. Thousands of homes were torched and completely destroyed, as well as buildings and public interest activities. This resulted in almost 200-thousand refugees displaced.

The bishops and priests of the church are not exempt from the Timorese complicity in the coup, on the contrary. The mentality of narrow-minded priests and bishops have always shown that greed and aims to make their church a church rich with impunity, at various levels of responsibility reprehensible, also weigh in the tens of East Timorese killed during this period and much of the destruction. Father had to Portuguese kidnapped, tortured and is still unpunished, like many other criminals from civil society.

From this emerged a coup Gusmao unmasked, selfish, combative and unresponsive - a criminal patent moral authority - which in collusion with elements of their trust would weave the plot that Mari Alkatiri, then prime minister, to withdraw from the government resign, saying it wanted to continue to watch a bloodbath, as quoted profusely in the media.

In contrast, after the resignation of PM Mari Alkatiri, after the consummation of the more than obvious coup Gusmao told a rally: "We failed to ensure your stability, but with your wits to win this war," said Xanana Gusmao before the enthusiasm of the demonstrators, demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri. The agency Lusa reported as well.

If this is the novelty, the revelation that this film back comes later. This does not mean it is not useful for the more distracted acquire knowledge and wisdom to look Alexandre Gusmao with eyes that should be seen: an East Timorese guerrilla who so deserved every consideration but a true traitor to his own struggle, the their ideals and hopes and ideals of the Timorese people. Such a patriot, by years of struggle and huge prison, which culminated in the independence of the country-relative, we all deserve consideration - and deserves the same proportion in all the condemnation and contempt for the loss and destruction that brought the country to from the architecture and implementation of the coup of 2006.

But here comes today in a documentary film that recounts the story and shows us between the lines, or between frames, part of the truth is that not new. There is much more and will once again be revealed in line with the historical truth of that terrible period of Timor-Leste, which opened its doors to several coups, assassinations, theft and corruption as there was no memory. All this has a face and a name by responsible chief, Xanana Gusmao.

(1) Major Alfredo Reinado later became a dissident of the guidelines and publicly Xanana Gusmao, on video, threatened to reveal the whole truth about the coup and the responsibilities of Gusmao. "If I am convicted and imprisoned Xanana Gusmao will be more". Alfredo Reinado was executed at the home of PR Ramos Horta on February 11, 2008, the place where he lured into a trap that the Timorese justice was careful not clearing properly, nor the Court of Dili became interested in determining the indicia on the gross running that appeared in the autopsy, the major and his faithful companion, Leopoldino Exposto.

ABC's Four Corners program Australian accused of hastening the fall of Mari Alkatiri in East Timor in 2006

BEATRICE WAGNER - SBS - has the original audio

A new Australian documentary, Breaking the News, which will debut in Sydney in the next week, accuses the program Four Corners, ABC television, having produced a report in 2006 that led to the resignation of then Prime Minister of East Timor, Mari Alkatiri.

The filmmaker Nicholas Hansen, of Melbourne, took four years researching and assembling the documentary that raises questions about the report by ABC "stoking the Fires" which was awarded the Gold Walkley, the most important journalism award in Australia. In 2007 .

The recent documentary examines the relationship between local journalists, for journalists Belo and Jose Rosa Garcia, and foreign journalists, and examines the story of the Four Courners.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald. The filmmaker said the ABC program accepted the word of an unreliable witness, the then commander of a militia, Rai Los.

For Nicholas Hansen, the program presented a misleading picture of the alleged involvement of the Fretilin government in arming civilian militias, a theme that was never fully explained.

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